Now What?

So here we are in the midst of a global pandemic. It seems we need a new version of Frequently Asked Questions to get us through 2021. We will try our best to update as we receive information but we've also included links from the powers that be. 

*A note to those of you that are new to Campbell's Cove Campground:

We are living in serious times and as a family, The Mooneys are aware of this. The well being of our loved ones, fellow Islanders and world is important to us. However, that does not mean that we won't make jokes (or what we think are jokes) during stressful times. 

Using humor is a way we try and stay positive. It is also a coping mechanism that sometimes helps us process new or seemingly outlandish things. There is a possibility that we lean a bit heavily on that particular way of coping but that's an entire therapy session in itself. Let's just blame the Irish heritage and call it a day. 

To our returning campers; Thank you for tolerating and often encouraging our ridiculousness. We appreciate you.


Is anyone at Campbell's Cove an epidemiologist?

Absolutely not.

What is an epidemiologist?

A person who studies the branch of medicine which deals with the incidence, distribution and possible control of diseases.

If I book a reservation for 2021 do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes. One night of your reservation is paid upon booking.


If I cancel a reservation I booked in 2021 do I get my deposit back?

No.  There is a global pandemic and you took a risk by making a reservation for an uncertain future.


I bumped my reservation to 2021 when the pandemic hit, but I now have to cancel this year.

You will have your deposit refunded if this summer also keeps you from honoring your reservation and we thank you for putting other people’s well being ahead of your own vacation.


Did electricity rates go up again since last summer?



Did minimum wage go up again since last summer?



Did your rates go up since last summer?



How far in advance do you get informed about the new/current procedures?

We are not pre-informed.

We are waiting for the same updates as the general public. We do not have access to any extra or early information.

I need to cancel my reservation due to covid travel restrictions.

Do I get my non-refundable deposit back?

No, you get the thrill of gambling for a vacation during a pandemic.

(Plus the satisfaction you feel for supporting a small family business.)

Will I get a refund if I am asked to leave for not following the safety protocol?


All our campers are pre-informed about the new rules before they book.

If you decide to camp during a public health crisis, you have no choice but to follow the rules you were told about.

Not following the rules means you are endangering your camping neighbours, staff and your community at large.

There are no refunds for that behaviour.

During this global crisis, can we litter?

Still no.

Littering on PEI comes with a minimum fine of $275.

Not to mention the cool points you lose by having that level of disregard. 

Will you open this year?

We are opening! Because we haven't been told we can't.

Hopefully we will be able to welcome campers from the Atlantic Provinces again.


Atlantic Canada includes Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and New Brunswick.

We are not yet taking campers from any other location.

The logistics of the mandatory rules don't make sense to me.

Can I argue with your staff about their validity?


We didn't make the rules, because we don't have the knowledge to do so.

Our job isn't to make a different set of rules for each camper.

Our job is to ensure everyone on our property follows safety guidelines as put forth by the powers that be.

I called the campground phone number but no one answered.

The phone number is suspended for the winter.

The Mooneys are most reachable by email during the winter as we have very few office hours.


How long have you been predicting the future?

For at least fifteen years, as small business owners in the tourism industry.

 (Good thing that question didn't include the word successfully! Close one.)

What about Sunday Pot Luck Suppers?

The only thing stranger than not opening would be opening without pot luck suppers.

That being said, we are in the market of bringing people together which seems to be the fuel to the fire that is this virus. 

We will not be having Pot Luck Suppers until we hear the 2021 guidelines.


It's possible that we could all eat together without sharing food. It's possible we can all eat at the same time from our spaced out sites. We'll get some more walkie talkies; one for each site. 


It's possible that we will be confined to our own sites on the property. Maybe Sunday Pot Luck will get traded for a group listening of the CFCY Saturday Night Hoedown. We have a sound system. The possibilities are endless! Unless we have to close early.

I haven't had visitors in over a month! Is everyone mad at me?

No, it's just a global pandemic. Sorry about your rural PEI internet.

Do I have to make a reservation, or can I just show up like previous years?

Sadly, we can not accept walk-ins this year.

Because of the extra guidelines all campers must be pre-informed about changes and restrictions.

All campers need a reservation, booked strictly through email. That way we both have a copy of the protocol discussion.

I don't believe in the rules the government decided on and refuse to follow them.

Can I come camping and pretend that the virus doesn't effect my life at all?


We are not asking you to believe, we are asking you to follow rules.

There are times when we don't believe all our taxes are being used how we would like. But we still pay them all.

In this area there are about 15 stop signs we believe should be yield signs. But we still stop at them.

Can we still walk the beach?

If you can get here without crossing the Northumberland Strait, absolutely yes.

**You must still pick up after your dog and follow the current covid safety protocol.**

Please park by the stairs, not blocking any campers or cars.

Physical distance of 6ft must be maintained between people not in your immediate household, even on the beach.

Do you have any music suggestions?

We're so glad you asked!

Music has been keeping us sane for years, but especially so with the removal of social visits and live shows.


Below are some of our favorite artists, in no particular order. Check them out, buy something when you can. Musicians keep working and pumping out art even when technology keeps pumping out new ways to access their work without compensating them. Artists need snacks too.


 Jordan Merrick   Adyn Townes   Bon Bon Vivant   Joanna Barker  Stompin' Tom

New Hermitage  Hey Ocean!    Anna Tivel    Jeffrey Martin    Michael Dalton    The East Pointers    Leonie Kingdom   Peter Doran  

 Vince The Messenger  Leon Majcen  Sherman Downey    Jenn Grant   Hey Rosetta!  Donald MacLennan

 Transatlantic Zodiac Ensemble  J.P. Cormier  Dave Gunning   Roxy & the Underground Soul Sound  Brishen

Back Alley Music in Charlottetown always has you covered, even in crisis mode. They will help you support a small business and artists all in one swoop and with a smile.

If you have music you think we'd enjoy, please make suggestions! You can share with us on any of our social media or send us a quick email.

Does anyone else do a shoulder check after their dog poops and not pick it up if no one is looking?


At least 3 of you do this. But we do see you, so we hope you're not considering being a ninja.

Do you want people to camp with you in 2021?

Of course! But we also want everyone to be as safe as they can, so Campbell’s Cove Campground will still be following all procedures that are (or may be put) in place.


What extra procedures will be in place by the summer?

We have zero guesses. After much deliberation (and no success with our crystal ball) we have decided to book reservations as if the pandemic rules will be the same as last summer. Beginning February 1st, 2021, self-contained units from the Atlantic Provinces may book a reservation.


Will your bathrooms be open in 2021?

Another question we will not have the answer to until we receive further instructions from the government about the safety guidelines for the summer of 2021.

People can not stay 6 feet away from each other in our bathrooms. Last year, this was a big problem. Without maintaining social distancing, the option was only members of the same household could be in the bathroom together. The bathroom would also have to be cleaned and sanitized between households. The idea of running a campground that has a bathroom attendant around the clock was less than appealing, for so many reasons.

More is being learned every day. We don’t have to wipe down all our groceries anymore, so there is a possibility we could receive word that the rules are different than last year.


Since there is a possibility that your bathrooms will be open, can I reserve a tent site now?

Unfortunately, no. Last year we spent over 120 staff hours just cancelling reservations. Because no one had any idea about the impending global pandemic it felt only right to refund deposits to our campers. Deposits are taken so the person booking your reservation gets paid for their work. This means when we sat down to cancel and refund reservations, the deposits were already gone.


We simply can’t afford another summer where we spend so many staff hours on cancellations, nor do we feel good about booking a reservation that is very unlikely to reach fruition. Not to mention that it genuinely hurts us to cancel reservations. Being a small family business means we have the wonderful opportunity to interact with our campers. While that is one of our favorite things, it is a double-edged sword when we must suddenly start saying no. There are so many faces we picture when we read names on our reservation board. Please know that if we were forced to cancel your reservation last year, we were honestly as sad as you were.

My sibling keeps eating all my good treats and snacks! What do I do?

You need a new hiding spot. And never put all your good stuff in one location.

If someone is gonna try and steal from you, at least make them work for it.

How come Dad streaming the world's worst music uses all the wifi?! 

Sorry about your rural PEI wifi. Your options are limited, but not nil.

You can wait your turn, or talk about a wifi schedule. 

You can write a letter to your local MLA to let them know how terrible your service is.

You can buy your dad music on a CD, or talk to him about how he can get his music fix without streaming.

You can read a book, do a puzzle, write a story, color or paint or even plan a friendly prank on someone in your house.

Do you know how to do my 10 year old's math homework?



I keep eating all my sibling's good treats and snacks! Isn't that funny?

Only a tiny bit.

It's also mean.