Camping in a pandemic!

Campgrounds are permitted to open to residents of The Atlantic Provinces.

Walk ins are not currently permitted so you must email for a reservation if you'd like to come camping.

Join us for an emotional roller coaster ride.

After receiving the guidelines and safety protocol about opening during a pandemic, The Mooneys have made some hard choices.

We are trying our best to figure out how to safely bring people into The Cove. We want our staff and our campers to be confident that we are taking every possible measure to ensure everyone’s health.


Knowing that people love camping at The Cove to relax has encouraged us to make decisions that lead to the least amount of wonder and worry.  And we are certainly not looking to chase after every human with a spray bottle of sanitizer. (Though that sounds very much like something Andy would be good at.)

Please note that we listed everyone’s health as our first priority.

If you feel that your individual desires are more important than the well being of your community in general, please don’t come camping. (Even without a pandemic, you probably won’t like it at The Cove if you don’t have an appreciation for teamwork.)


Given the fast-changing nature of this situation, Charles (and his team) decided to take this summer a month at a time. We may make some changes. It is very hard to predict anything.

For 2020 we are taking the following precautions:

Bathrooms will be closed.

We are taking self contained campers. (Your RV/trailer must contain a bathroom and kitchen.)

Playground will be closed.

Kitchen shelter/laundry will be closed.

There won’t be any ice or ice cream for sale.

At the present time, we are unable to let everyone into our small buildings because maintaining a social distance of 6ft between people is not possible.

As more information comes to light, these decisions may change.

We try to be lifelong learners and this pandemic is no exception. 

Our expectations of campers:

Understandably, it is disappointing when things abruptly change. Especially when these changes involve what may be a long tradition, like family vacation.

But many opportunities and lessons appear under the guise of change so try to seek the silver linings.

For example, The Mooneys are quite sad that we are unable to welcome people in tents. On the other hand, we are beyond thankful that our people and Island stayed healthy enough to allow us to open in any capacity.

The same public health safety measures we have been following for months still apply.

You MUST keep 6ft between you and other humans not part of your household.

Wash hands frequently with soap & water, for at least 20 seconds.

Stay home when ill (of any nature.)

Call 811 promptly if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19

Don't touch your face with unwashed hands.

Cough or sneeze into a tissue or your sleeve, wash hands directly after.

Ensure enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of commonly touched items.

Do not go in public if you have been out of Atlantic Provinces in the last 14 days.

Previous Campbell's Cove Campground rules also still apply.

Do not litter.

Sort all garbage as per PEI law.

Drive slow through the campground.

Keep your dog leashed at all times.

When your dog is tied in your site, they should not be able to reach into your neighbor's site.

11pm - 8am is still quiet hour.

Respect nature, others and yourself.

New to The Cove rules:

No visitors to your site. Only people in your household (registered upon check in.)

Bring a tablecloth to cover the picnic table at your site.

Monitor yourself & your family members for COVID-19 symptoms.

If you become ill of any nature, tell a staff member and promptly leave the property.

Do not come camping if you have been outside the Atlantic Provinces in the 3 weeks prior to your arrival date.

We ask people to remember, you are trying to vacation during a global pandemic.

That means understanding this trip will not be exactly the same as other years.

That means understanding that everyone in the world is a little extra stressed right now.

That means having patience for raw feelings and tired souls.

That means things may change at a moment’s notice.

And that definitely means having respect for your camping neighbors regardless of where they are from, where you think they are from or whether you think travel should have been allowed.


June 2020:

Stop at office.

If someone is at the office already, wait in your vehicle or at designated spot (see signage.)

Maintain social distance of 6ft between anyone not in your immediate household.

Give staff the names of all humans & pets in your site.

Give vehicle make, model & plate number.

Listen to the new safety instructions.

Ask for clarification if you don't understand something.

Sign agreement.

Pay for your stay.

Park your camper.


Eventually the future will be here. We wonder what it will look like.



Summer 2020:

No public washrooms

Maintain social distance of 6ft between anyone not in your immediate household

No kitchen shelter/laundry

No playground

No ice or ice cream

Maintain social distance of 6ft between anyone in another campsite

No cutting through/running through other campsites

Ensure your dog stays leashed and can’t reach other campsites/campers

Stay home if you are ill of any kind

Leave if you are ill of any kind

Don’t act like a global pandemic is out to ruin your day and yours alone

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