Camp Cabins

Cabin 1 "Golden Slumbers"
Cabin 2 "Dear Prudence"
Cabin 3 "The Long and Winding Road"
Cabin 4 "I'm Only Sleeping"
Cabin 5 "Bert's Barber Shop"
Cabin 6 "Mr. Moonlight"
-check in/out
-buy firewood
-buy ice cream
-get directions
Bathroom Building
-women's door on left 
-men's door not pictured (on other side of building)
-recycling sorting station (one of three)
-outdoor sink
-outdoor sink with hot water 
-ramp to men's door on the right
-recycling sorting station labeled with photo instructions
**If you are unsure of which bin you are looking for, ask a staff member or anyone close to you. We find the youngest kids to be especially helpful and knowledgeable. **
-any items in the wrong bin have to be taken out by staff
-we don't love going elbow deep into garbage 
-staff gets paid minimum wage
-please don't make us go dumpster diving
Kitchen Shelter & Laundry
-indoor sink
-wood stove
-recycling sorting station (one of three)
-picnic tables
-microwave, hot plate, coffee percolator, mugs, kettle
-coin operated washer & dryer
Site Map
-you probably can't tell, but this map is homemade
-we no longer have as many trees as this implies
-specific sites can be requested, but will not be guaranteed
-check for more pictures on our Facebook and Instagram

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