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Items for Sale


Nobody packs for camping without forgetting something, so we try to keep a few essential items available for sale in our office building. Here are some of the things you may find there.


Office Hours:

11am - 7pm

marshmallow on a stick being roasted over a campfire


Help yourself to coffee in the kitchen shelter!

  • marshmallows

  • graham crackers

  • chocolate bars

  • loaf bread

  • milk

  • juice

  • ice cream cones

  • pop

  • hot dogs

  • canned soup

  • chips

  • cereal

  • ice

  • freezies

a sketch of a small pitch tent
Camping Items
  • campfire roasting fork

  • firewood

  • small propane canisters for cookstoves

  • various tent parts

  • sunscreen

  • lighters

  • laundry soap

  • toothbrushes


a sky blue and an ocean blue hooded sweatshirt with a map of PEI outline and the words cam


If you're lucky, you'll see some local artwork you can purchase, or maybe a Campbell's Cove Campground sticker. We have Campbell's Cove sweatshirts as well, but they never last long!


A selection of photos of the area are usually available for purchase.


There are free postcards in case you want to snail mail a loved one back home.  



Check out Burnt Offerings to see some fantastic artwork that we sold out of.

PEI hint:

Lighthouses have some of the best artwork in their giftshops, including some Burnt Offerings works.



waves crashing onto the beach

Rainy Day Solutions

We have a selection of things available to borrow (in case the weatherman didn't get your vacation dates and keep the rain away).


  • playing cards

  • cribbage boards

  • puzzles

  • board games

  • coloring books

  • crayons

  • ukeleles

  • dvds

  • craft supplies

  • markers

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