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Check-in: 1pm to 7pm
If you arrive before 1pm, your site will not be ready but you will be charged $20 for every hour you are early.
For example, if you arrive at 11am, (despite being told check-ins begin at 1pm) you will be charged $40 and your site may still not be ready early.
For example, if you are told we can accomodate an early arrival of 12:30pm and you show up at 11:30am, you will be charged $20.

2023 Rates:

In 2023 our bathrooms are partially open!

The doors now have keypad locks and the code will only be given to people as they check in.

If your camper has a bathroom in it, you will not have access to the bathroom building.

Our goal is to have a limited number of humans in the bathroom building at a time to help the air purifiers operate at maximum efficiency during an airborne pandemic. 

a 2-person tent sitting on the cliff in front of the ocean
a small camper van parked beside a small, skinny tree
large trailers and RVs parked in full service sites

$32.00 (27.83 + Tax)

-no water or electricity

-one firepit

-one picnic table

-max size: mini van

$46.00 (40.00 + Tax)

-15 amp electricity


-firepit & picnic table

-max size: 22ft long



2 way sites with more power

$55.00 (47.83 + Tax)

-30 amp electricity

-water & sewer

-firepit & picnic table

-max size: 38ft long

 (45.22 + Tax)

-30 amp electricity


-firepit & picnic table

-max size: 26ft long

a small camp cabin with the door open to show a set of bunk beds inside
$56.00 (48.70 + Tax)

-15 amp electricity

-set of bunk beds

-(twin & double mattresses)

-firepit & picnic table

-sleeps 3

**see photos of inside**

a large camp cabin with 2 camp chairs in front of it
$90.00 (78.27 + Tax)

-15 amp electricity

-indoor table & chairs

- 2 sets of bunk beds

-firepit & picnic table

-sleeps 6

**see photos of inside**


10% off long term stays (7 nights or longer)

Campbell's Cove Campground does not have any pull-through sites or sites with privacy.

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