2020 Rates:

For 2020 we will be keeping our bathrooms closed.

Due to this change, we are only taking reservations for self contained units. 

If your camper does not have a bathroom in it, we are not yet ready for you to safely camp at The Cove.

It is our greatest hope that sharing will be safe again by summer of 2021.


$29.00 (25.22 + Tax)

-no water or electricity


-picnic table

-max size: mini van

$37.00 (32.17 + Tax)

-15 amp electricity


-firepit & picnic table

-max size: 24ft long

$45.00 (39.13 + Tax)

-30 amp electricity

-water & sewer

-firepit & picnic table

-max size: 38ft long



2 way sites with more power

$56.00 (48.70 + Tax)

-15 amp electricity

-set of bunk beds

-(twin & double mattresses)

-firepit & picnic table

-sleeps 3

**see photos of inside**

 (36.52 + Tax)

-30 amp electricity


-firepit & picnic table

-max size: 26ft long

$90.00 (78.27 + Tax)

-15 amp electricity

-indoor table & chairs

- 2 sets of bunk beds

-firepit & picnic table

-sleeps 6

**see photos of inside**

There are no discounts.

The amount of work our staff does, doesn't lower based on how long you stay.

The price of electricity doesn't lower based on how long you stay.


We know that our prices are fair, if not leaning towards low.

Thank you for respecting that we aim to maintain reasonable prices, instead of raising them unnecessarily only to turn around and discount them.

Straightforward is more our style.

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