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scrabble board with camping words. List of words found on the page. Alt text couldn't fit them all.

List of words on the pictured Scrabble board:



-tidal                        -family

-wag                         -beach

-sandy                      -pine

-relaxing                  -shore

-starry                      -cove

-quiet                       -towel

-view                        -wind

-breeze                     -dog

-unplug                    -love

-campfires               -fish

-tent                         -strait

-story                       -joke

-us                            -go

We love camping and we love words, so this contest was not a far leap for our brains!

There are many words that make us think of camping and we're excited to hear (and see) which words conjure up your memories.

Play a game with your favourite people (or your highly-liked people) and use as many words relating to camping as you can manage.

Share your finished board with us on the internet and we will enter your name into a draw for a $50 Campbell's Cove Campground gift certificate.

Full Rules:

-you don't have to only use the camping-related words listed here

-there can be non-camping words on the board

-please only use family-friendly words

-you can play in a language other than English

-we're pretty casual on what is a camping-related word so long as you can tell Charles a story about your word to prove it relates (should the need arise)

-post your picture, specifying your camping words

-tag Campbell's Cove Campground in your post/photo

-draw will take place on May 25, 2024



Where to share:

  • Facebook logo which is a white lower case f surrounded by a blue circle
  • Twitter logo; which is a bird because we couldn't bother to find an X
  • Instagram logo which is a retro style front of a camera. A circle in the middle representing the len
  • bluesky app logo which is a pale blue sky with a few clouds

PEI Humane Society donations

pei humane society logo which has a paw print over "PEI" and a roof above the paw print

The PEI Humane Society provides so much love, support and acceptance for pets, and pets provide that - plus so much more - for humans.

If you are able, donations are easily made via the Humane Society website. (Click here.)

When booking your camping adventure with us, include a copy of your 2024 donation receipt to receive a discount on your stay.

$20 donations get 10% off
$50+ donations get 15% off

Each donation can be used as a discount just once. We're trying to teamwork to help some animals so don't take advantage, eh?


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