Frequently Asked Questions


Can I choose my site number?

You may request a site.

Being a small property occasionally has it's drawbacks. One of them is, we can't guarantee a specific site number.  (Consider our reservation board a game of Tetris. If we don't fill in all the holes to complete a line, we lose.)

We need flexibility to be able to accommodate everyone. Not all our sites are the same size. Not all our sites have the same amount of power. Not all our sites have level ground, limiting certain types of RVs and campers.

Please know that we are just as enthusiastic about your vacation at The Cove as you are. We will do our best to meet a request, but please don't be upset with our staff if when you check in we have "a" site and not "your" site.

What is your exact closing date?

October 5, 2021

Due to rising Covid cases across Canada, we are closing early.


(Any October reservations booked before September 29th will be honored.)

2021 office hours are 11am-7pm.

Does your campground have bugs?


Camping takes place outdoors. In Nature.

Can we bring our dog?

Yes. We love dogs!


Your pet must be kept on a leash and you must scoop up after them.


Secondly, don't forget about everyone else at the campground. If you know your dog does a lot of scared barking (at trees blowing in the wind after dark) perhaps your dog doesn't like camping.

As a dog owner, you are responsible for the actions of your pet. (Just like parents are for children.)


Can we bring our teenagers?

Yes, we allow those as well.


You don't need to keep your teens leashed, but you do still have to pick up after them.

Is it ok if my kids run through other people's sites?


When people don't pack kids to come camping, and then find one in their site, they get alarmed.


Each site at The Cove deserves to be treated as someone's home. As a parent/guardian it is your responsibility to explain boundaries to your children. Everyone paid their fee to camp here. No one's vacation is more important than their neighbour's. 


Can we swim in the ocean?

Yes, but not after dark.


The beach is unsupervised so as per any adventure into the sea, take a buddy and play safe. 

(And keep an eye out for jellyfish. They're not deadly, but they'll sting.)


Does the ocean get any warmer than this?

Well, no.


The Gulf of St Lawrence is fed by the North Atlantic Ocean folks. For bath temperatured seas, look further south.

(Or wait out the climate crisis since ocean temperatures are rising.)


Will I have cell reception?



Some providers get better signals than others. We are down a hill and in a cove next to the ocean. Use it as a great excuse to not answer a call from your boss during vacation.

(There is a landline in the office for emergencies.)

A camper had success making phone calls while standing incredibly close to the dump station.

(Insert your own s****y reception joke here.)  


Is there Wifi?



Here in northeastern PEI we have trees, windmills and the ocean, not towers. We pay the only phone company for internet access every month. Sometimes it's worth it, sometimes it's not.


Is the tap water drinkable?



Fresh water from our own well, tested yearly. Drink from the world's largest fresh water source; Canada!


Are there any dangerous animals?

Not really.

(Maybe the staff before coffee!)


Coyotes (the largest animal) are scattered around PEI. You may hear them but we've never had any in our campground. Coyotes are not aggressive and are more scared of people than we are of them. Being sprayed by a skunk is pretty much your biggest concern unless, like Jennifer, you're afraid of fluffy squirrels.

What should I pack?

Tolerance & patience: 

Let's agree that when camping we often all (kids and adults alike) stay up past our usual bedtimes. Be ready for that.

A sense of humor:

The Mooneys and their team truly believe they are funny.  It is unclear if this is opinion or fact.

Long pants & a sweater:

Sometimes nights can get cool, AKA cold, depending on where you are from.

We're looking at you, Floridians in parkas! ;)

Rain gear:

It has been known to rain on islands. Be ready for that. Also, it might not rain.


Are the campground staff babysitters?



While we are good with kids, and we even like them, it is a full time job to run a campground. Just like it's a full time job to be a parent. However, The Mooneys reserve the right to find some downtime to join in a soccer or baseball game with a campground's worth of kids.


Should I let my children make sand castles in the bathroom?

No thank you.

(Yes, this has happened enough times that it made the FAQ page, even though technically no one asked it.)

Can I bring my own firewood?



The Government Of Prince Edward Island has banned the practice of relocating wood. Bugs travel with your firewood and it is introducing foreign species into new environments. 


Can I come back up from the beach covered in sand and turn the public showers into a mudpit?

We'd rather you didn't.


We ask our campers to use an outdoor "shower" to hose off the bulk of the sand. Leaving it in the bottom of the shower is not only hard on the drain, but the staff that has to clean it. Not to mention the person in line after you. Nobody wants to come out of a shower dirtier than they went in.

Do you offer seasonal sites?

Not at this time.

(You'll like The Mooneys better in small doses.)

What is the gossip?

As a small, family operated business we are thankful for the campers that leave reviews online. Even though we do not have the time to respond to online reviews, we understand they are often helpful to first-time campers.

Here are some links to where people have left some thoughts and opinions: