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Summer Phone:  1-902-357-2233 (May 15- Oct 31)

Winter Phone is the landline at  The Mooney Family's house: 1-902-687-3246 (Nov 1- May 14)

*We take reservations beginning February.

*You can still book in advance by sending an email with the subject "2024 reservation" that we will confirm in Febuary 2024. This method ensures our "First Come, First Serve" system, while allowing staff to remain focused on today.

*Nov-May we have 1 office day per week. Charles farms full time but is usually available by phone in the evenings.

Campbell's Cove Campground logo of 5 stars sitting in a moon

Meet The Mooney Family!


Charles Mooney: CEO/Farmer/Father/Grampie

- jack of all trades                 -knows a guy for that 

-avid storyteller                    -prankster


Jennifer Mooney: Manager/Daughter/Aunt

-reservation booker             -avid picture taker

-dog lover                               -usually the prankee


Andy Mooney: Outside Tech/Son/Father

-has another job            -put to work upon arrival

-water fight starter                 -avid gamer

Katie Mooney: Environmentalist/Daughter/Aunt

-general repair                          -avid recycler

-one time fantasy football league champion

Kyle Not-A-Mooney: Attendant/Lifelong friend

-amazing customer service       -Titans fan (?!)

-chief weed-whacker                 -avid pun user



Find Us

7516 Northside Road, Route 16

Campbell's Cove, PE

C0A 2B0

Take The Ferry To PEI!

the setting sun over the ocean reflected against the windows on the side of the ferry to PEI.


Helpful Hints


P.E.I. is formed from sandstone, which is essentially, sand. This leaves our beautiful island with iron red soil and no rocks. As one would imagine a place with no rocks to be soft, P.E.I. is just that.


It is for this reason we strongly suggest that you do not let your GPS lead you and your heavy camper down mushy dirt roads on the way to Campbell's Cove.  


We weren't always a privately owned campground so if your GPS is calling it "Campbell's Cove Provincial Park" you are still headed for the right chunk of land.


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