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Good Vibes

In the spirit of trying to be helpful humans, we've been having annual family fights about where we should donate. Did we say fights? We meant discussions; very democratic voting processes.

If you're looking to spread some good vibes, we've started with the following:

Do you have suggestions we can take into battle? Please email us.

We will research, debate and vote.

Fundraising has always been a part of Mooney family life. In 2005 we didn't really notice that Catherine, our original matriarch, made fundraising part of our new campground job as well.

Like perfect children you only read about, we started saying "volun-told" because it was common to be told about upcoming volunteer events. Also because we think inventing our own compound words is hilarious.

As a cancer survivor, Catherine organized many various fundraisers, from motorcycle poker runs to quilt raffles. Too many events for those of us she left behind to remember, nevermind pull off.

Even Charles & Catherine's campers got the fundraising bug! Adults pulling off several successful pancake breakfasts, kids selling their crafts and donating their earnings.  

After Catherine's passing in early 2013, we continued fundraising for The Run For The Cure. (Though as a family unit of six, we don't seem to contain the same organizational skills as one woman did.)

Then came a wonderful awareness as people and groups in our community started asking us for donations. We realized we could be sharing our fundraising skills - even though they are not as impressive as Catherine's.

At the end of the day, teamwork really does make the dream work. Thank you to all of our wonderful campers and neighbours for supporting us over the years.

Like Catherine's favorite Beatles lyrics say "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."

     -The Mooney Family

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